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What company's trademark is senau
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Q: what company's trademark is senau? Is this a registered trademark? Whether it has passed the registration.
A: senau is a registered trademark of China shangou Valve Co., Ltd., which is owned by shangou Valve Co., Ltd. and approved by the Trademark Bureau of Commerce and standards. It is used in machinery related fields. The registration period is 10 years, and it will be extended after expiration. The approved use details are as follows:
0709 mixer
0713 shoe making machine
0721 packaging machine
0723 mixer
0733 mixer
0742 - Industrial Robots
0744 - electronic industrial equipment
0749 - compressor (machine)
0749 - pump (machine)
0749 hydraulic coupler
0749 pressure regulating valve
0749 - valve (machine parts)
The above industries are commonly used industries, any unauthorized use of the trademark is strictly prohibited, violators will be investigated for legal responsibility!

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